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Abigail Carswell

MSc Student 

School of the Environment


My M.Sc. research focuses on an upwelling event that occurs near Costa Rica. I will look into the impact of this event on a recently assigned marine management area (Santa Elena Bay) using stable isotope analysis. My fieldwork will take place during the 3 seasons: non-upwelling: May, transitional: October, and upwelling: February. I will compare the isotopic niches of the two fish species: the Colorado snapper (Lutjanus colorado) and the Pacific dog snapper (Lutjanus novemfasciatus), during the various seasons. Additionally, a variety of sampling will take place of other species in the bay, with the hopes of being able to define the food web structure in the bay and what changes may occur to the structure each season.

a. carswell photo

2021 – Present
M.Sc. Environmental Science

Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research

University of Windsor (Windsor, ON Canada)


B.Sc. Environmental Science (Natural Resources Concentration)

Department of Earth and Environmental Science

Florida International University (Miami, FL United States)

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