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Lydia Paulic

MSc. Student 

School of the Environment

Lydia BG pic.jpeg

My research focuses on quantifying sources of mortality and behaviour of hatchery-reared bloater stocked across release depths in Lake Ontario. Addressing these objectives expands on our fundamental knowledge of bloater ecology and provides insight into the immediate post-stocking movements of a reintroduced forage fish. Understanding the post-stocking movement ecology of bloater is crucial as they are the focus of a binational restoration effort in Lake Ontario, with the goal of re-establishing a self-sustaining population in the lake. A self-sustaining population of bloater in Lake Ontario restores a native fish population, thus increasing the biodiversity and providing a framework for reintroduction and management efforts of other native speciesContinued investigation into the movement and predation of bloater post-release will be used to determine survival of the stocked population. This enhanced understanding will play a crucial role in refining stocking strategies and assessing the overall restoration potential for bloater in Lake Ontario.

2022 – Present
M.Sc. Environmental Science

Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research

University of Windsor (Windsor, ON Canada)


B.Sc. Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences (Honours)

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Windsor (Windsor, ON Canada)

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