Claire Doherty 

MSc Student 

Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research


My research focuses on the comparative ecology of bowfin and largemouth bass, two sympatric by phylogenetically distant warmwater piscivores. My work integrates respirometry, heart rate loggers, and stable isotopes, calibrating relationships between these techniques in order to better understand fish function by increasing ecological understanding through physiological measurements. Doing so will help to increase the number of tools available to us for making metabolic measurements in free-swimming wild fishes, providing more information for bioenergetic models and helping us make better predictions about fish response to warming events.



2019 - present

MSc. Environmental Science - Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor


2014 - 2018

BSc.(Env.) in Environmental Sciences (co-op) - School of Environmental Science, Ontario Agriculture College, University of Guelph