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Selina Al-Nazzal

MSc Student 

School of the Environment

Boardman river bgd.jpeg

My MSc research focuses on understanding the effects of restoring connectivity in the Boardman River, located in Traverse City, Michigan by the construction of FishPass. The FishPass project will assist in restoring native fish migration and control the spread of invasive species, yet it is unknown how fish migration will affect the energy and nutrient cycles between the fragmented habitats. Stable isotopes (δ15N, δ13C) and nutrients (N, P, C) will be analyzed from water samples and aquatic animal tissue as well as assessing ecosystem characteristics and their connection to movement and growth of fishes. Understanding the transfer of nutrient and energy between the habitats and the impact on fishery production will allow us to measure the success of the FishPass project.


2021 – Present
M.Sc. Environmental Science

Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research

University of Windsor (Windsor, ON Canada)


B.Sc. Biological Sciences (Honours)

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Windsor (Windsor, ON Canada)

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