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In the Fisk Lab, our mission is to contribute to a better understanding of aquatic food webs and ecosystems. We are dedicated to uncovering the mechanisms and processes that drive these systems, mainly focused within the Laurentian Great Lakes. Using a combination of chemical tracers and telemetry, we can quantify trophic relationships and animal movements, painting a detailed portrait of the aquatic world.


Stable Isotopes

Stable isotope analysis is a powerful tool used in ecology to trace the flow of nutrients through food webs. In the Fisk Lab, we use stable isotope analysis to investigate trophic ecology.


The lab is dedicated to expanding our understanding of trophic ecology in lake ecosystems. Our research involves tagging a variety of species and drawing links between their habitat use and foraging patterns. By utilizing acoustic telemetry and stable isotopes, we aim to gain insight into the complex interactions between different trophic levels.


Check out publications from 2023

In the Fisk Lab, we explore and delve into the depths of aquatic ecosystems to understand the key components driving them. Check out this years publications... and more!

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