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Donald Uzarski

MSc Student 

School of the Environment 

Lake O Sunset.jpeg

My M.Sc. research focuses on the lower trophic level taxa of Lake Ontario and how their relationships vary with space and time. Mysis diluviana and Dreissena spp. are two such lower trophic taxa that serve as major conduits of energy between the benthic and pelagic food webs and are important food sources for many taxa. Understanding how their roles in the ecosystem vary, and how that variance effects other parts of the food web, is one objective of my research. Extending this idea to other lower trophic taxa begins to define the annual dynamics of Lake Ontario food webs.


M.Sc. Environmental Science, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor (Windsor, ON Canada). 

B.Sc. Central Michigan University (Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA) 

Cum Laude, Biology: Natural Resources

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