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Matt Anderson 

MSc Student 

School of the Environment 


My MSc research focuses on understanding the impacts of a changing climate on food web structure in Nunatsiavut. I will primarily be looking at two species, ringed seals and Arctic char, which are important country food items to the Inuit in the region. Stable isotopes and mercury (Hg) concentrations from both archival and new samples will be analyzed to understand dietary changes and Hg exposure over time. The capability to look at samples over a temporal scale that spans many years progresses our understanding of the influence a changing climate has on the feeding ecology and Hg accumulation of ringed seals and Arctic char.


2020 – Present
M.Sc. Environmental Science, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, University of Windsor. 


Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Concentration in Environmental Science, Minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Albion College, Albion Michigan               

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